Recycling Solutions provides services for the strategic management of by-products and waste. The company was established in 2012 and is part of the UMG Investments company.

Our history began with a pilot project to study the use of ash microspheres, the by-product of coal combustion in thermal power plants. Soon, the first factory for processing this product opened. Today, there are already six fields in which the business operates.

Having accumulated ample expertise in the field of processing and sale of by-products and wastes in the metallurgical, coal, and heat-and-power industries, we offer our clients solutions for efficient management of their recoverable resources.

We systematically explore the possibility of creating added value in the processing of recoverable resources for all areas of business and human activity. Having identified and researched a compelling project, we invest in modern technologies and create new production and job opportunities.

Recycling Solutions strives to take a leading position in the markets of Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, introducing the best global industry practices. Spheres of activity and R&D: mining, industrial production, energetics, agricultural waste, and SHW.


The mission of Recycling Solutions is to implement the principles of a circular economy. Using the best practices, we strive to ensure the cyclical use of natural resources and industrial waste, taking care of the environment and ecological improvement.


We are the complex operator for management of by-products and waste for the coal, metallurgical, and heat-and-power industries of Ukraine. More than $8 million has been invested in business development and the introduction of processing technologies, leading to promising business directions being opened up: coal combustion products, metallurgical slags, rare and industrial gases, ammonium sulphate (mineral fertilisers) and coal mine methane (cogeneration). In 2018 alone, we sold 1.8 million tons of solid and 20 million cubic metres of gaseous recoverable resources. The company cooperates with customers in fifteen countries. The staff of Recycling Solutions numbers more than 260 people.