In 2020, Recycling Solutions launches a modern complex for the processing, granulation, and packaging of ammonium sulphate in the city of Kryvyi Rih.

The complex is to be equipped with modern European equipment, which allows the production of products that meet the highest international quality requirements. Our production technology meets international standards and is environmentally friendly.

This new venture is represented by the Ukrainian Mineral Fertilizers (UMF) brand. For more information visit the website www.umf.com.ua.


The planned production capacity of the enterprise is 100,000 tons of finished products per year.



A nitrogen-sulphur fertiliser with a high sulphur content (24%) and containing nitrogen of not less than 21% by volume  . It is an odourless white salt, safe for humans and the environment. We supply the fertiliser in the form of granules, which provides perfect friability. The granule size is 2–5 mm with a uniformity of at least 90%.


Ammonium sulphate is equal in efficiency to popular fertilisers (ammonium nitrate, carbamide) and is distinguished by its ability to be ignition-resistant and non-combustible. It is not toxic to soil. The benefits of ammonium sulphate:

  • Sulphur is a useful and indispensable nutrient for plants, it improves the quantity and quality of the future crop.
  • This form of chemical compound minimises nitrogen losses after ground application.

The granulated form of the fertiliser is much more functional than the crystalline one, because:

  • It saves fuel and equipment resource due to more distant and uniform spreading of the fertiliser.
  • It has a higher friability and ensures uniform application (without areas of high and low fertiliser concentration).
  • It does not cake, absorbs less moisture.
  • It is more convenient in dosing and packaging.
  • It does not dust when applied.
  • It provides less loss of fertiliser during transportation, storage, and ground application.


Ammonium sulphate is most commonly used in agriculture as a fertiliser. It improves the quantity and quality of crop and, respectively, its cost. It is usually used to fertilise the most sulphur-feed demanding agricultural crops: soybean, rapeseed, sunflower, potato, as well as wheat, maize, and barley. Ammonium sulphate can be found in food products, most often bakery products, since the substance improves the quality of flour and can act as additional food for yeast. It also serves as a stabiliser and emulsifier in multicomponent products and is indicated in the composition as food additive E517. Less commonly, ammonium sulphate is used in the purification of tap water or in powder fire extinguishers, as it is a non-flammable substance.


For its production, raw materials are used from diversified sources with guaranteed contracted delivery volumes.  As a result, we are able to minimise the risks associated with interruption to the supply of raw materials and control constant production volumes.


Road transport

Railway transport

Sea transport


SYSTEMATIC APPROACH We do business according to international standards.   Cooperation with UMF makes it possible to build a long term, predictable and mutually beneficial partnership. GUARANTEED QUALITY The raw materials for granulated ammonium sulphate are certificated by manufacturers, Ukrainian scientific institutions and the Swiss company SGS on the amount of nitrogen and sulphur in the product, as well as on the absence of heavy metals and harmful impurities. Each batch of inbound raw materials undergoes a multi-stage quality control system based on fixed criteria. This reduces the risk of our customers receiving products of unstable quality. CONVENIENT LOGISTICS We are ready to offer our customers favourable transportation conditions.


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