Livestock by-products

Recycling Solutions is involved in a project to build the first FEEDNOVA plant in Ukraine for the production of animal fat and high-protein feed additives for farm and domestic animals.

It is planned that the complex will have four state-of-the-art production lines and five boilers from a Dutch manufacturer. The company’s priorities are innovative technologies, strict compliance with international quality standards, and transparent terms of cooperation.

Recycling Solutions is implementing the project together with the Effective Investments group and Mada Participations BV, a Dutch company.

The plant is currently under construction. The project progress and details are available at website.

Manufacturing capabilities:     The enterprise planned capacity is over 220 tons of raw materials and 90 tons of finished products per day. The complex is located in Busk (Lviv Oblast).

High-protein feed additives and animal fat

About the product

High-protein feed additives are made from animal by-products that are not suitable for human consumption. The plant will manufacture products from categories 2 and 3 raw materials. Category 3 products are used as additives in feed for farm and domestic animals. Such products include meat and bone meal, feather meal, and fat from red meat and poultry. Category 2 products are used as organic fertilizers. They also include technical fat. In addition to production, the company will provide the collection, transportation, and preparation services of animal by-products.

Advantages of high-protein additives

  • Nutrient value: the additives enrich the animals’ diet as well as increase the feed nutritional value and quality of the animal husbandry final products.
  • Safety: all complex products are divided into categories and origins; they go through all the stages of analysis and control in our laboratory.
  • Environmental friendliness: safe conversion and disposal of animal waste is the key to preserving the environment. Moreover, it prevents the spread of epidemics.
  • Economic efficiency: the processing of animal by-products makes it possible to return the resources, which would otherwise be wasted, to the production process.


  • The additives are an additional source of protein in the diet of farm and domestic animals.
  • The convertibles are used as highly effective organic fertilizers.
  • Non-feed convertibles serve as an alternative fuel, and they are used for biodiesel production.


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