Recycling Solutions is a strategic by-product and waste management company.

We offer our clients a professional service for the effective management of their recoverable resources, introducing the principles of the closed-loop economy into their daily activities. This approach provides for the maximum extraction of recoverable resources from existing by-products and waste for further processing and distribution in areas of consumption.


We implement a turnkey by-product management system, which provides a number of advantages:

  • The manufacturing company saves on its own resources to solve the problem of waste disposal.
  • The costs of logistics to disposal areas are reduced, the problem of disposal or storage of waste resources is minimised.
  • The environmental tax paid by the manufacturing company is reduced.
  • Revenues from the sale of recyclable materials are increased.
  • The environmental impact of the manufacturing business is reduced.
  • There is a possibility to attract external funding for the introduction of by-product and waste processing technologies.


Recycling Solutions provides the following services:

Audit of by-products and waste of manufacturing companies

with the subsequent assessment of the possibility of increasing their use in areas of consumption

Development and implementation of technical solutions

for recycling resource-containing materials.

Search for funding

for the implementation of operational waste processing projects.

Development and establishment of a turnkey system of sales,

marketing, logistics, and by-product and waste servicing.

Operational management of the sales system

as an outsourcing partner.

Optimisation of operational processes

on waste generation sites.


We have established a technology centre, where we examine the possibility of using secondary products and conduct expert studies on their quality. The laboratories of the centre are equipped with modern European equipment. Specialists work using the latest techniques, regulated by European and Ukrainian regulatory standards.

Additionally, the company provides services for assessing the quality of formulations and the raw materials used for the construction materials industry. The equipment of the technical centre allows the examination of the chemical composition, physical-and-mechanical and technological properties of concrete, cement, and raw materials for the production of construction materials.


The Recycling Solutions company is open for cooperation and is looking for like-minded people!

If you are ready to build your business on the principles of the closed-loop economy or if you are a developer of technologies and solutions that promote the recycling of resources, we will be happy to combine our efforts.

Send us your questions and suggestions!



04 June 2020

The European Union has identified the transition to the cyclical economy as a priority area for development until 2050. The purpose is to increase the competitiveness of enterprises, ensure sustainable development, enhance the efficiency of environmental management, clean the environment and achieve resource independence. Cyclical models currently used by single industry flagships should become standard practice for all market players.

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09 August 2019

Industry must rethink its approach to resources. Manufacturing is wasteful. It takes a tonne of metal, silicon and plastic to produce a laptop computer weighing a few kilograms. Waste is an afterthought.
No international policy effort integrates circular-economy approaches. Yet these would contribute to many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including those on water, energy, economic growth and climate change.

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15 May 2019

Looking beyond the current take-make-waste extractive industrial model, a circular economy aims to redefine growth, focusing on positive society-wide benefits. It entails gradually decoupling economic activity from the consumption of finite resources, and designing waste out of the system.

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