Recycling Solutions Becomes First to Export Dry Ash to the EU

21 November 2023

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Recycling Solutions was the first in Ukraine to export dry ash to EU countries. 134 tons were sent to Poland. Dry ash is a by-product of the thermal power industry, which is widely used in the production of concrete, aerated concrete, cement and building mixtures.

“Export of dry ash used to be impossible, as there are no terminals for its transhipment in Ukraine. Given that fly ash, like cement, is a volatile raw material, it is too expensive to pack and cannot be transshipped when open. Our first customer was one of the local cement plants. Together we found a method and a technical solution to perform the first experiment shipment”, Yurii Kornilov, the sales manager implementing the project, said.

This direction has significant prospects. Ukraine can become one of the main sources of raw materials for cement production in countries such as Poland, Slovakia and Romania. “This year, the EU launched a program to reduce dirty production and close TPPs. We felt that there might be a demand for dry ash and began careful preparations, researching logistics, delivery routes and possible transhipment methods”, Vadym Khoroshko, Director of the building admixtures department, added. In total, Ukraine has accumulated over 250 million tons of thermal power plant waste, which can be used in the building industry as secondary raw materials.

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