Recycling Solutions develops and implements projects for the disposal of secondary industrial gases using cogeneration technologies.

Secondary industrial gases are by-products of the main processes of the mining and metallurgical industries, which are a potential energy resource now used only partially by businesses. Surpluses are released into the atmosphere and increase the greenhouse effect.


Cogeneration is the process of joint generation of electric and thermal energy. Cogeneration projects make it possible to use the energy potential of by-products and reduce industrial emissions, thus reducing the environmental burden and ecological costs of business.

This service line is marketed under the brand name REGEN.



Coal mine methane is a gas-and-air mixture formed during coal mining and the dislocation of coal beds. It has a high methane content and is subject to mandatory removal from mines (degassing) in order to increase occupational safety. At the same time, coal mine methane is a renewable energy source.

In 2021, REGEN launched a complex for electricity and heat generation from mine methane at the Stepova mine of DTEK Pershotravenske Mine Group. The power rating of the complex is 1.56 MW. The complex is based on a Caterpillar cogeneration system. It meets modern standards and has high energy efficiency and safety indicators. High-temperature oxidation of coal mine methane is used for cogeneration.

The complex reduces greenhouse gas emissions of the mine by 57 thousand tons in CO2 equivalent per year. The company is planning to implement coal mine methane disposal projects at two additional mines in cooperation with DTEK. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in coal production by about 3% over the next two years.


  • Energy efficiency (for businesses with large and stable energy consumption).
  • Energy security (the customer obtains full/partial autonomy and independence from the supply of other sources of energy).
  • Environmental friendliness (the technology complies with the environmental requirements of Ukraine and the EU its use reduces greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere).
  • Mobility and manoeuvrability (an economic benefit arising from the use of thermal and electric energy in the immediate vicinity of production).


  • Cogeneration is often used for the disposal of secondary industrial gases in mining and metallurgical enterprises.
  • It is also used to provide heat and electric energy to all types of general and industrial businesses, as well as residential areas.


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