16 June 2020


Recycling Solutions, together with the National Publishing House of Children’s Literature ‘Veselka’, has published an illustrated story for children PHOENIX and the Little Microspheres by Ukrainian writer and illustrator Vitalii Buhara.

In an accessible and interesting way, the book that is intended for younger schoolchildren, tells the reader about the importance of processing one of the by-products of the thermal power industry—microspheres. The main character is an inquisitive robot called Phoenix who becomes acquainted with the microspheres and helps them start a new life.

‘Environmental issues are particularly relevant today because we are talking about our future. We have already had a lot of books about household waste or the protection of endangered species of plants and animals, but the topic of industrial waste is still not properly covered. This publication is the first step towards changing the situation,’ said Oleksii Bondarenko, Director of the National Publishing House of Children’s Literature ‘Veselka’.

‘Industrial waste recycling is a pretty complex subject that often remains unaddressed, not only to children but also to most adults. Today, 97% of all waste generated in Ukraine is industrial waste, and most of it is not recycled. Recycling Solutions seeks to raise Ukrainians’ awareness of this problem, focusing on the younger generation. It is easier to explain to children about the harm from the rubbish they see every day than it is to talk about industrial by-products. That is why we decided to help parents in the process of environmentally conscious education and tried to explain this problem in a language children understand,’ says Anastasiia Starykova, HR Director at Recycling Solutions.

‘Children’s literature is the best way to explain complex and even “uncomfortable” matters to a child. Environmental protection is one of the most important issues today. Through books, we can not only draw children’s attention to this problem, captivating them with an interesting story, but also encourage them to think about solving environmental problems,’ says Vitalii Buhara, the author of the book.

The print run of the book consists of 500 copies. Some of the books have already been presented to the staff on the occasion of International Children’s Day. The rest will be distributed to schools in Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih, Druzhkivka, Zaporizhia, Burshtyn, Kamianske, Mariupol, Pershotravensk, Ladyzhyn, and Dobrotvir, where the children of the company’s employees study as well as during thematic events.

Microsphere is a valuable by-product formed during high-temperature coal combustion in thermal power plants. Recycling Solutions has been processing microsphere since 2014, selling it in twelve countries. Microsphere is used in the ceramic, chemical, oil and gas, construction, and engineering sectors, as well as in other industries.

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