UMG RT Gas changes name to ARNOX

25 November 2021


UMG RT Gas, an integrated processor and seller of rare and technical gases, is starting a new chapter in its history under a new name – ARNOX. The new name is inspired by the company’s own products: argon, neon, oxygen and xenon: it is their names that make up the acronym.

‘We have spent over five years developing our business under the UMG RT Gas banner, adopting international standards in our operation, expanding our target markets, establishing long-term connections with partners, and winning our clients’ trust with our products. We have gathered a professional, result-oriented team, which loyally and competently builds long-term partnerships.
To emphasize this change and our readiness to transition to the next stage in our development, we decided to rebrand the company. It is the final touch in our process adjustment and preparations for developing new directions and integrating innovations.
We are grateful to our clients and partners for their trust and opportunity to cooperate over all these years. Although ARNOX is our new name now, you can rest assured that we maintain our integrity as responsible professionals’, said Dmytro Anufriev, CEO of Recycling Solutions.

The company’s rebranding as ARNOX involves the change of its name and logo. The company changes but remains committed to its long-term obligations and stays true to the highest quality standards and partnerships.

ARNOX is an integrated processor and seller of rare and technical gases owned by Recycling Solutions. The company sells pure gases and gas mixtures, develops and implements installation projects, and provides comprehensive industrial gas supply services for enterprises to ensure their disruption-free operation.

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